Volunteer Winterization

Volunteer Winterization

This is the easiest way to plug your energy in to HEET – the “boots-on-the-ground” short-term commitment: 3 hours, 3 times. 9 hours of your time can really make a difference in the life of a neighbor.

Here is the Winterization Volunteer form, with a detailed desription of HEET’s delivery below.

In an ideal winterization, 13 volunteers are assembled to fill the following roles:

Trusted Coordinators (1) are the lead organizer and supervisor for a home winterization. A Trusted Coordinator spends Phase I – their first three hours – in planning mode: working with HEET’s Energy Manager and the homeowner to assess the home’s needs and schedule a winterization delivery date (1 hour); then running communications with volunteers to schedule the winterization (~2 hours).  In Phase II and III (two 3-hour visits, total: 6 hours) are spent overseeing the work and being available for Trained Lead and Worker Bee support.  We anticipate that a house will take two visits to complete the whole protocol.
HEET’s Energy Manager will provide the tools and purchase the materials needed for each project and work closely with the Team in Phases II and III. A Trusted Coordinator would need a certain level of expertise and be considered “handy” in order to be able to ensure that quality work is being done, and help address homeowner questions or concerns.

Trained Leads (3) are trained to complete at least one of the three sets of tasks listed above. During a winterization, they focus on a single task set and help to oversee (and informally train) three untrained volunteers also helping to complete to that task.  Once a Worker Bee has trained for three hours, they become a Trained Lead.

Worker Bees (9) provide assistance in one of the sets of tasks. They need no advance training, and learn what to do while they’re doing it. After one three-hour visit, they get promoted to Trained Lead!