Going Solar

High power costs in our area mean that solar panels are a potential solution to providing alternative and less expensive energy for your home, business, or office. The Midwest, like about 50% of the US, is what solar experts would call ‘moderate’ for exposure to the sun. While this isn’t ideal, the Upper Peninsula has pretty good exposure to the sun’s rays during the spring, summer and fall. Solar panel technology is getting better at producing energy on cloudy and semi-cloudy days, making solar an increasingly better option.

Note that in the past two years, UPPCO has met its threshold for supporting solar installations that are 15kW or less.

There are several installers in the Upper Peninsula.  Here are links to those (that we know of) in the Houghton County area:

Thinking about solar in the U.P. may seem counter-intuitive, but look at the results from this local home solar installation:

Rob Minerick, ‘Shopko’ system, 9kW, DIY Project, Online since 2012

Click here to view real time energy produced from this system.

Email: rob@boundarylabs.com